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MLK Day 2024

MLK Day 2024

Holidays ASCA Chats

As we observe MLK Day, designated as a National Day of Service, let us channel our energies into enhancing our communities through volunteer efforts. A meaningful way for ASCA and its members to contribute is by reflecting on our potential impact and making personal commitments to uplift our communities. Let us all take a moment to take a look at actualizing our potential and make a personal commitment to how to better our communities utilizing the power inherent in the positions we hold within student conduct.

Things you can do to take action:

  • Search for "MLK Day of Action near me" to find local community service projects
  • Devote the week to Black media, literature, music, art, etc. Prepare for Black History Month by creating a list of podcasts, books, etc. to enjoy.
  • Shop at Black Owned Businesses in your area or online.
  • If you teach, care for children or elders, speak at your house of worship, or have some other way of spreading messages, search the MLK Jr. Archives. Try and go beyond the familiar (such as the "I Have a Dream" speech) and seek out his writings that challenge ideas that persist today.
  • Keep the action going. Get involved with ASCA Equity & Inclusion initiatives, make a plan to incorporate more equity into your process, seek out E&I webinars and resources through ASCA, and encourage colleagues to join you.

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