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2023 Indigenous Peoples' Day Resources

2023 Indigenous Peoples' Day Resources

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Indigenous Peoples' Day was renamed from Columbus Day to address how American History glorified European violence against Indigenous communities. Additionally, it addresses the inaccuracies and harmful narratives associated with Columbus' legacy which credits his discovery of the Americas despite the existence of Indigenous communities. The name change was originally proposed at the 1977 United Nations conference; however, the change was not implemented until 2021.

Ways to Authentically and Thoughtfully Celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day: 

White House Proclamation of Indigenous Peoples' Day

Expand your actions beyond the day - Get Involved with ASCA!

  • Join ASCA's Equity & Inclusion Committee and check out resources on their page.
  • Look into existing ASCA resources or plan an event to educate and develop our membership and build community!
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